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Macedonia has a long tradition of making woven cloth from animal fibre and plant material. Over many centuries of snowy winters, cool autumns and sunny springs, the Macedonians have developed ways of clothing the body and furnishing their homes that are unique to them as a cultural group. The people of this region have been influenced by many outsiders which has shaped distinct weaving styles, regional patterns and techniques all its own.

One thing you'll notice about macedonian weaving is its geometric designs. Bold patterns and bright colours are emphasised with fringing, embroidery and braiding. I hope you enjoy my site. It is intended to highlight these wonderful skills and designs that we rarely see anymore. If you would like to add information or images then please contact me

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Podvis Village Folk Dancing Team. Women wear their handwoven aprons typical of the Kichevo region. Here you can see the deliberate misalignment in the patterns (1979).

All photos belong to Ali and Vlado Damjanovski except where I have acknowledged Copyright.