Agathi's shop on Corfu Island

Here on the island of Corfu and with a day to fill. What seems to be a growing practice of mine is to quickly write 'weaving' with the place name I'm currently in, into my computer search engine and see what comes up. Not only did I find the Donkey Rescue Centre (which was one thing I was looking for and which turned out to be one of THE best days (surrounded by lovely old ex-working donkeys much in need of love), but I found a link to Agathi's weaving shop. A shop full of Agathi's hand crocheted and woven goodies. Other woven cloth, cushions and rugs bought in from local hand weavers. If you're interested in Agathi's weaving then you'll find her in the very north of the island. She's warm and friendly and more than willing to discuss weaving.