Native American designs from Arizona

Today I head off to the grand Canyon with my husband for a tour. It was a fantastic trip. Chilly 15 degrees celsius, but clear skies and no rain. I saw these woollen blankets in the story here. Of course the patterns attracted me straight away and that is why I have included this image here because I see such a similarity to the geometric patterns of macedonian weaving. Whether it's because big bold shapes are 'easier' with limited equipment or there's something deeper going on, the patterns are remarkably the same. It's hard to see the weave in these blankets. There very close set but then a mildly felted and surface brushed. This is necessary to keep out the desert chills. They sold a few today on unsuspecting visitors who were caught out by the change in weather. I also wanted to visit the Navaho Weaving Studio but it was just too far away to travel in at the short time we have. These blankets were retaking around $300 US.