Kiama Show

I saw this handbag pattern in a recent Handwoven Magazine. The colours just jumped out at me, of course the colours that I associate with Macedonia. I had to order the cotton from the US as I couldn't locate any 3/2 cottons in Australia. Within a week they'd arrived and off I went. I have put some other photos in the album here on the site. The cloth wove up easily although I did make it a tad too short so had to really fit the pattern pieces tightly. I backed it with adhesive lining and that held the cloth steady. The bag pattern itself was from McCalls. I lined the inside with a lovely italian silk taffeta. I'm happy with the end product and was lucky enough to be awarded a first place in the handwoven accessory category at the recent Kiama Show. I was also awarded a 2nd place at the Berry Show.