2nd visit to the Ethnographic Museum

A second visit to the Ethnographic Museum to have another look at the woven treasures. We were actually in search of a little artistic co-op that I had read about on the Net which housed potters, weavers, artists and such. After searching the backstreets of Old Skopje for a good hour we found the small building all boarded up and covered in graffiti. It was disappointing after being so hopeful. So, being close the museum we decided to have another look. The displays hadn't changed at all, the building still in a bad state and needing urgent refurbishment. Yet, once again, we got to have the place to ourselves and wonder around taking snaps. The displays are set by region and it's clear to see the difference in colours and styles used by the women. This visit gave us an opportunity to get some close-up photos and
zoom in on particular techniques.