Red is a firm colour favourite of the weavers of Macedonia. Natural dyeing was commonplace from the surrounding plants and recipes would have been passed down from the older women. The large gambol rugs, and special cloth, was sent out to be dyed by specialist dyers in the larger towns. Black is very common, as is white, yet in some villages you will find very bright yellows, pinks, aquas and usually deep greens. These more richer colours usually comprised commercial dyes. Chemises, felted vests, and other under garments remained undyed and various shades of creams and white.
Woven designs for rugs, vests and aprons include polygons, rhombuses, octagonal stars, varieties of crosses, S-patterns, and floral patterns (mostly without stems or leaves). Patterns related who the maker was as a member of a village, as a family, and her personal designs.
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